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Hello! Would you like to participate in jam about creating pixel art assets not games?

Hello! You should add the license into metadata for the asset pack(s):

"Edit asset pack->Metadata->Release Info->License for assets" It will increase the size of audience that will be able to find your art

Hi! Just updated it, thank you.

You chose in metadata CC-BY-SA4 but description points CC-BY... So what is right? You need to update one of it

Oops sorry about that. They should match now (CC-BY)

Now it is correct. Thanks!

Going to use this asset in my game, thank you for providing it! Could I ask what size this is?

desculpa, não sei se é preciso pagar mas pode fazer animação dele andando

Por que não usa a de jump, slimes andam pulando

Provavelmente pq o jogo dele eh top down

Hey man, im gonna use this asset pack in my game cuz it looks really cool and well made, when i finnish it i promisse ill send u the result :D

Thank you.

Awesome! Please do

These look insane! Looking forwards to more creatures in the future (Fingers crossed)

Great art! If you don't mind, May I know the palette you used for this?

Hello! No specifi palette, just colors chosen manually

Wow you're a natural talent then. Haha thanks anyway!

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The work is amazing!! just wanted to ask if you can make an attack right animation? The art is just so good and i tried to do something similar but just couldn't get . thx in advance

Thank you for making this! I modified it in my game: Power Jump. I have added you in Credits

Android: iOs:

Oh man that is so cool! I'm glad It helped you, the game looks great!

thank you for a beautiful slimes! 

ale kozi cossack


Love it <3333!!!!!

Thanks :D !


Hey I like your work. I wanted to see if you do work for pay?

Hello! You can talk to me by discord, i'm Reff#5905
Or through twitter dm's. I'm @Reff_SQ

I do work for pay but it depends on the scale of the project.
Also, thanks a lot, i'm glad you like it !

Ok added you on discord


Awesome work, I saw your twitter they are all very good. Thank you for sharing this art.

Haha im glad you liked this so much,
Stay tuned for more assets in the future!

Thank you for the kind words <3



Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it ^^