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Customize your phone with pixel art icons!
Free pack for mobile devices and apps, with over 120 unique icons

Want more Icons?  Get the free generic icon pack here: reffpixels.itch.io/genericicons

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120 App Icons

Technical details:

  • All Icons are 24x24 px
  • All Icons are saved in their original size and a scaled up 120x120 px version.


This asset pack does not have a license and donations are not allowed. This asset pack is meant for personal use ONLY. Use at your own discretion.


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AuthorReff Pixels
Tagsandroid, app, apple, desktop, Icons, mobile, phone, Pixel Art, Sprites


Pixelart_App_Icons_v4_by_ReffPixels.zip 259 kB

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The icons are currently saved in their original size (small 24x24 pixels) and in a bigger scaled-up version (120x120 pixels). (Both in PNG format)

Development log


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Hello, I need to give a big thanks to your amazing quality icon pack! But I didn't see your File, Computer, Trashcan icons in both App Icons and Generic Icons pack. I guess you messed it up while sorting it out. I'm using it from your Reddit post and cropping out, but it would be nice if you put it back in your pack. Thank you again!

Hi! Those icons were removed from the pack a veeery long time ago when I decided to expand it into a phone app set, instead of desktop. They are also in quite a different artstyle. I'm not sure if I still have them but they arent really advertised in the itch.io versions and the only image with them is that old reddit post, but I might make new versions of them following the current style.

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Hi everyone! I decided to split this asset pack in two for license reasons.

Here's the rest of them: https://reffpixels.itch.io/genericicons

I wish there was a way to rate this twice. The recent update has just reminded me of how much I love the art in this pack.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words and I'm glad you have found this useful.


Hello, I downloaded the latest version and the .ico folder is gone. I wonder if that was a mistake or not because I want to customise my desktop icons based on this pack. Is it still available? Hope you reply soon.

Hi! Will look into this when I come back from work. Thanks!

I went to download it here and I didn't find the basic folder, did you remove it?

Hmm I may have made a mistake! Let me check

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Edit: I had uploaded the wrong version of the files in my last update so the files were all messed up, so sorry! It should be fixed now.

np, o/

Thank you for this! This is so nice. But, I tried downloading the file attachment and it seems that the logos from previous updates (like netflix, etc.) were nowhere to be found. Is it still available? Thank you!

Sorry! You are totally right, I made a mistake and uploaded the first version of the asset pack when updating some license details last month, so the one you have downloaded is missing almost a hundred icons haha, I'm so sorry. I have re-uploaded everything correctly, so if you download it again it should be ok!

Thanks for the pack! I noticed that the Notion Icon wasn't in the download though I see it was added at some point to the pack. Did it get removed / is it still available to get?

im wondering the same thing!!! loved the pack so much, would love to know if those icons are still available

They are now! I had made a mistake uploading the files last time, should be fixed now.

thank you so much for your kindness and hard work!!!!

So sorry about this! I hadn't checked the page in a while and I just realized my last update broke the files. The version that was up is the first version of the asset pack without all the updates, if you redownload it everything should be there now!


Hello! You chose CC-BY-NC license but it isn't synced with description. Description say "You CANNOT redistribute / resell the assets." But NC allows redistribution. It just prohibits reselling...

Honestly I really doubt that you can apply license to it because it is logos of programs that don't belong to you so.... I don't know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but looks a bit wrong

I made these icons for myself and I just wanted people to have them for free as well, since I cant really sell them. I have been debating deleting this asset pack for some time as it only really causes me problems with no benefit.

There are lots of icons here that are not logos , the asset pack includes a lot of abstract icons, objects ,letters, etc. Ideally I wanted the license to apply to just those but that's a complocated distinction to make.

Thank you for the help with the licenses, will look into this when im back home today.

In this case I have an idea to split it to two asset packs. One for different icons you mentioned and this for only logos. I don't what will be better in this case ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I might just update it and remove all the logos from it, perhaps make some more standard icons. Will look into it

Edit: for now I just removed all licenses from this asset pack.

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So awesome, Thanks!!!

Is it just the icons that are associated with an existing company that are not available for commercial use?

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I am completely ok with people using these in any way they want to. I just can't guarantee the safety of using in your projects the icons that represent company logos (without the consent of said companies)

The basic icons of common stuff like a clock or a camera can be used for commercial projects without worry, I'm fine with it. The issue is the app logos (Which are meant for personal use only, and they are the reason why this asset pack is free)


Nice icon + used them at my PPT operating system, I credited the icon also




The content you provide on this indie plateform is uniq and amazing :) Keep going !



perdon si sueno estúpido con esto pero... como hago para cambiar los iconos?

so cool

dude this is awesome

Thank you!

Do you have a patreon icon ? If not pweaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeee

Hey! I actually made one but it isnt updated yet. Soon!

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What about mobile game icons? 😳

Also, you are spanish, i realized in screenshots 😎


I am! 😅

And about mobile games: Maybe. Depends on how many people request them, I already had a few requests for minecraft

yo,  that is cool, i will be following this project, maybe you could do a small video tutorial on how to change the app icons on mobile and put it in the page so new people can install it without even searching for this specifically

Well, making a tutorial is an unjustifiable amount of extra work for a free project like this. All I really wanted to do is share the icons I made for myself with other people, and to have a small project to keep updating when I don't know what to do.

 It blew up a bit more than expected, but I still can't justify making a video for it (Especially when there are hundreds of similar videos already out there)

so if i make a video on how to do it, send it to you, you could put it in the page?


Really impeccable quality, nice work! I guess "it forbids commercial uses of the work" means you can't use these in commercialized games? Quite a shame, since there's a real lack of HQ pixel-art social icons out there :P

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I would love for people to use them in games: But I had to choose that licensing because app icons are in a bit of a gray legal area. They are based on copyrighted company logos, after all.

And thanks for the compliments! I'm glad that you liked the assets 😄